God has given us a mandate to prepare men for leadership--Here at 3C USA we do this through being connected in small groups, attending an Encounter weekend and completing the School of Leaders training classes.  Through involvement you will learn the principles of small-group ministry and servant-leadership.  But most importantly you will walk in connection with other men who go through real things just like you--no religious hoops to jump through.  Just an atmosphere where you can be yourself and grow into the man he purposed you to be.

We also teach how the Word of God directs our lives, how to lead as the "Man" of our house and how we are to love our wives through developing a lifestyle of prayer and Evangelism.  No sissys here, only men that can lay down their lives like Jesus did--raising up the next generation and walking full of Integrity and Godly character.

As a husband, a father, a leader.. You cant afford to walk around wounded. Your family is counting on you to be the champion you are called to be!
— Pastor Mike Rittenhouse