It’s A Girl Thing!

 To all the girls God is love. He made you on purpose to love you.

Right there is the sum total of our existence – we were made by God, for God: His motive for humanity – love; His purpose with humanity – forever family.

Once we understand who we are in Him – His daughters, the apple of His eye, the ones that make Him smile and sing and dance – and why we are in the earth – to be loved by Him and in response to love Him by loving people – life is beautiful.

When we experience the true untainted love of God that rescues from utter despair and hopelessness, there is but one response – we love Him in return with extravagant abandon.

A life void of His love is cruel torture. A life filled with His love is breath-taking beauty.

We, womanity, were created to be loved and in turn to love others with that very love, into His arms. Living life on purpose, for this cause, changes everything.

We girls have a precious part to play in His great plan to unite His family in love. We have a gift, we have a divine ability to love the most unlovable, forgive the most unforgivable and rescue the most unbelieving soul, because He made us just like Him. Through His Spirit at work in and through us we will change the world. We are making a difference everywhere we go!

Let us girls put Jesus on display, make Him famous again in the earth and when people do not quite get it, just say, “It’s a girl thing”.

encounter weekend.png

2016 DATES:

 Encounter: Friday April  1st and Saturday the 2nd

Encounter: Friday June 10th and Saturday the 11th

2nd Annual Women's Conference "Masterpiece"  Friday September 23rd and Saturday the 24th

Encounter: Friday November 4th and Saturday the 5th 

As the word itself suggests, it is when we encounter God and enjoy the rich blessings He has prepared for us – which we attain through faith. It is a time when we set aside our daily routines to be able to receive a supernatural change. “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved” Romans 10:10.

We allow Jesus to enter our life, we become a child of God and enjoy all the privileges, Assurance that God lives inside us, Knowledge that we are no longer alone in this world because we have an amazing friend who guides us into all truth, Inner healing & a revelation of the cross.

According to John 17:3, the most important thing is to know Christ. When we have a supernatural encounter, we understand the crucifixion and are able to leave our past at the cross .

We invite you and your girlfriends for  a weekend of fun, relaxtion & a whole lot of Jesus. This is a weekend you dont want to miss. Many encounters in life are able to completely change the course of our lives, but everything depends on whether or not we decide to show up – when we meet the person we fall in love with; when we discover the degree we want to study; when we meet someone who can transform our company. However, the encounter that none of us can afford to miss is our encounter with God. 

The Encounter is an opportunity to have a real and personal experience with the Lord. It is not enough to simply know about God, we have to actually know Him. 

Encounter is for 18+*