Every Saturday at 6:00pm

3C USA Central Campus  |  38238 Old Stage Rd. Delmar, DE 19940


3C USA North Campus  |  4877 Wheatley's Pond Rd Clayton, DE 19938


REVOLT embraces three principles that are essential for multiplication:

radical prayer, radical evangelism, and radical discipleship.

With drama, music, and relevant preaching, the message of the cross is preached to youth aged 12 to 25 years old. 3C USA is a cell church, and REVOLT is no exception. REVOLT cells are a great opportunity for new relationships and personal growth. Retreats, youth conferences, concerts, and trips are all parts of 3C's youth ministry.

Using these principles the Revolt Team has a goal to reach every High School campus, College campus, and all the Streets of Delmarva!