LIFECLASS is a nine week course designed to strengthen a new believer’s faith in Christ. It unites the three core elements of the Consolidation stage in the G12 VIsion: Pre-Encounter, Encounter and Post-Encounter. LifeClass can be used by leaders to successfully guide new believers through the foundations for their growing faith, ensuring that they are prepared for a transformative, face-to-face encounter with God. Completing LifeClass enables people to experience the real impact of an Encounter, and equips them to be able to go on to reach their full potential as a leader through Destiny Training.


Complete care for new believers
When someone makes the decision to follow Christ for the first time, the weeks that follow are essential in establishing their Christian faith. Personal contact time with every believer each week provides a church leader with the opportunity to truly care for their new believers.

The power of an Encounter
When a new believer has the opportunity to meet with God in a personal way, their lives are forever changed. LifeClass is all about leading every believer to have a personal encounter with Jesus.

Establishes core foundations
Each week the new believer is presented with a life lesson that will affirm their decision to follow Christ.

Develops great habits

The most important thing for any believer is to read the Bible and connect with God through prayer. LifeClass aims to develop this habit early on in someone’s walk with God through a simple Devotional and Bible reading plan.